1. Study, review and analyze policies and rules and regulations that impact agriculture marketing and agribusiness to create an enabling environment for robust private sector involvement, growth of farmer groups, cooperatives and investment in the RNR to agriculture marketing.
  2. Spearhead market-led production through enhanced market research, intelligence, incentive schemes, and market development.
  3. Improve economic efficiency and viability of RNR production and marketing through organization and development of farmers group and cooperatives.
  4. Support economic and social empowerment of farmers groups and cooperatives by improving internal co-operative governance and management, enhancing business efficiency, diversification and expansion of businesses.
  5. Establish efficient and effective marketing systems to promote domestic and export markets through facilitation, develop digital marketing platform and MIS.
  6. Facilitate and promote establishment and growth of viable agribusinesses in the private sector.
  7. Build institutional linkages with relevant national and international agencies involved in the areas of food processing, market research, marketing of produce and cooperatives development.
  8. Oversee the management of Dzongkhag/Thromde markets through formation and spearheading of management committee/board.
  9. Recommend import of RNR produce based on the scarcity and availability of local production.
  10. Promote adoption of new post production and value addition technologies for market-oriented ventures.

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